Stresses from work, traffic, lack of time, series of unpleasant incidents... I'm getting stressed just from typing the words.  Wouldn't it be nice to take the edge off of your spouse and to have your spouse do the same?  I bet the answer is yes.  I have heard for years from clients that have come to see me for a massage, (primarily wives) that their spouse is just terrible when it comes to a request for massage.  I would like to transform that general negative outlook into a more positive one for both the man and the women who may be experiencing this.  As a man I know first hand how really good it feels to know how to do something that is not already a learned or studied behavior.  Men get a real sense of accomplishment when they are asked by their spouse to do a job that they have full confidence in their ability to get done.  As men we always want to sort of say in so many words "look at what I can do". 
As it pertains to massage,  when done right, both partners benefit greatly from this.


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