If you ever thought a massage for a baby wouldn't service any benefits, think again.  When people think of massage, they think of stress relief.  Well, it's more than just that.  Massage can also improve certain bodily functions, such as motor functions, lymph node functions, digestive functions, blood flow, etc.  We can't think of one loving parent who wouldn't want that for their child.  Infant massage is fully realized and the results speak volumes.  Here are some of the benefits of infant massage:

  • Lessens crankiness and irritability, which reduces crying.
  • Increases a healthier and faster growth pattern, especially with premature infants.
  • Improves digestive function.
  • Helps the baby sleep comfortably and longer, which helps develop normal sleeping hours and/or patterns.
  • Assists with normal development of muscles.
  • Most importantly, is a very useful lifestyle enhancement for parents that don't get enough sleep because "the baby is crying again!"

Massaging your infant helps develop a strong bond and connection between you and your child.  If the baby's happy, you're happy and if you are happy, the baby is happy.